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Throughout this article, we will guide you through the process of influencer discovery and vetting with the help of HypeAuditor.


HypeAuditor simplifies the process of Influencer discovery and selection, saves time and money, helps avoid influencer fraud, increases ROI, and makes influencer campaigns more predictable.

In addition, the HypeAuditor engagement rate tracker, and HypeAuditor free reports are the key to keeping it simple. While there is a HypeAuditor free trial, some features may not be unlocked. In order to unlock all of the features HypeAuditor has to offer you and your brand, check out the HypeAuditor pricing.


In this blog we will:


  • Set goals for influencer marketing campaigns
  • Determine the audience and type of influencers for the campaign
  • Discover influencers with the help of HypeAuditor
  • Сhoose influencers who will bring the best results


hypeauditor influencers tool


First things first, set your goals


Influencer campaigns should begin by setting a campaign goal. The goals of the influencer campaign can be:


  • Coverage
  • Subscribers
  • Sales
  • Website visits
  • Reach


If you need to tell more people about a new product, don’t try to get sales right away. When interested in coverage, one can give more freedom to their chosen influencer. It’s the creator’s job to figure out which content hits the audience better.


If your goal is sales or subscribers, then prepare your landing page or account. Organize a promotion and make it easy to buy from you. For example, a bag store always posts images of the hottest new items when it orders its ads.


EXAMPLE: An influencer marketing campaign for a new fitness nutrition brand.


The main goal is to tell a potential audience about a new product and get them to visit the brand’s website so that later,  social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook accounts can retarget them.


In addition, the brand will want to collect influencer-generated content to use in other media channels.



Determine who you are trying to reach 


In the next step, you will describe your intended target audience. Gender, age, interests, country, language, favorite movies, books, music, and lastly, who the authority for your target audience is.


Understand their gender, age, country, and language. Once you have a clear picture of who your audience is, you will need to dive into their interests a bit deeper. For instance, see who they follow, who their authority is, and what information they consume often. 


The better you understand your target audience, the easier it will be to find the right influencers.


Once you have an understanding of what target audience you need, it is necessary to find influencers who have this specific target audience. Yes, it is that simple.


Influence marketing without the use of tools that collect and analyze data about influencers is currently ineffective, therefore, in the following description, we will not dwell on the manual selection of influencers. Rather, we will describe the main metrics that will show you the tools and how to use and read them correctly.


With the help of HypeAuditor,  you can discover influencers that reach your target audience criteria as easily as it is to filter products on Amazon.


HypeAuditor discovery helps you to search through its 19 M influencer database across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.



We are searching for Instagram Fitness Influencers in Spain to promote sports nutrition brands for young and active females..
Our target audience will be:

  • Female 18-24 years old
  • From Spain
  • Have an interest in fitness / nutrition



Keep in mind that there are different types of influencers 


Below, we will break down influencers into five main influencer tiers by the number of their Instagram followers.



Mega-influencers & Celebrities (over 1M followers)


They often have a very mixed audience with various topics of interest. Their relationships with them are more distant when compared to other groups of influencers. They have the biggest reach but the lowest trust.



Macro-influencers (100K – 1M followers)


They are famous in a local community, you can think of them as a “mini-celebrity.” Their content is usually high-quality and consists of a certain passion or topic.



Micro (5K-20K followers) and Mid-tier influencers (20K-100K followers)


They have a more niche audience that is highly engaged with the deeper connection. Micro-influencers present in almost any sector: health and fitness, food, entrepreneurship, fashion, and beauty to name just a few prominent categories.



Nano-influencers (1K-5K followers)


They are regular consumers who are passionate and willing to share but have little influence.


In the table below, you can see the actual estimated price, engagement rate, likes, and comments for the different influencer tiers.


1K – 5K 10.00 20.00 5.93 139 6 91 1317
5K – 20K 15.00 35.00 3.09 335 10 656 6793
20K – 100K 20.00 250.00 2.80 1035 20 3298 19018
100K – 1M 150.00 1200.00 2.55 5156 70 18795 91341
Over 1M 800.00 5000.00 2.09 56216 517 388432 1889307


Nano and Micro influencers have higher Engagement Rate, lower prices and reach.


Mega influencers have a lower Engagement Rate but higher prices and reach.


We advise you to start your campaigns with Nano and Micro-influencers in order to test the message and outcomes. 


EXAMPLE: Our budget for an influencer campaign is 6000 euros, so we want to find 15-30 mid-tier influencers with 20K-100K followers.


We want influencers to make two stories and one post for 250-300 euros on average.



Find the right influencers with the HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery


Now that we know the goal of our campaign, target audience and influencer type is the next step needed.


With this knowledge, we go to HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery Hub.


For example, let’s say your brand promotes sports equipment and you want to find an influencer with an audience who might be interested in your offer.


HypeAuditor filtros busqueda


Select Instagram and set the filters: 


  • Category – Fitness and Gym
  • Audience location – Spain (over 30%)
  • Audience gender – Female (over 50%)
  • Audience age – 18-24 (over 20%)
  • Followers  – 20K – 100K
  • Engagement Rate >2%
  • Audience Quality Score >50
  • Most recent post <30d


On these filters, HypeAuditor found 36 influencer accounts.


HypeAuditor lista influencers


Accounts are displayed in a list under a search bar. HypeAuditor shows:


  • Username
  • Followers number
  • Quality audience
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience Quality score 
  • Percentage of audience who fits the specified parameters.


You can export results to CSV or work with them directly through HypeAuditor.


For the example campaign above, 20 influencers are needed, so 34 influencers found by our filters will be enough. If more influencers are needed, moving forward we can: 


  • Look for accounts similar to that we have found
  • Expand our filters
  • Add other categories



How do you choose the right influencer from the list?


This is the fun part of the process.


You should check every influencer that has been found: whether their content suits the brand or whether they have a high-quality audience.


You can then, visit the influencer’s Instagram directly from the Discovery results. 


HypeAuditor ver perfil influencer


Go to the Instagram accounts of all the influencers from the list, watch their content, see how the audience reacts to their content, and decide whether the influencer is right for the brand. This will be a subjective filter based on your perception of what is best for the brand.


Look at the quality of comments and likes, if there are a lot of suspicious ones, then there is a high probability that he or she buys Engagement Rates which HypeAuditor engagement rate will be able to detect- this should be avoided.


Above all, look at the content, scroll down through the feed, and subjectively see how the influencer aligns with your brand’s values.


If you think that influencer is right for you, add it to the list of influencers.


HypeAuditor añadir lista influencer


EXAMPLE: After visiting 34 influencer accounts found through filters at HypeAuditor Discovery, we excluded 6 accounts and added 28 accounts to our Fitness Brand List.


In the next step, we will check the quality of these accounts with the help of HypeAuditor Influencer Analytics reports.
In order to make the assessment process easier, HypeAuditor developed an overall account score that is called “Audience Quality Score”.


Influencers with AQS ‘100’ are most likely to have a high-quality audience. The ones with AQS ’20’ belong to a low quality group of influencers who don’t have any impact on the level of sales.


HypeAuditor calidad influencer


You should make a proper check of influencers with the average AQS and avoid influencers with Poor AQS.


HypeAuditor nivel de calidad audiencia


Check the quality of the influencer’s audience. If there are a lot of suspicious accounts and mass followers, then it is best to avoid this specific influencer.


HypeAuditor tipo de audiencia


Mass followers are accounts with over 1500 followings. They may use automation tools for Follow/Unfollow to subscribe to multiple accounts. Obviously, people with too many followings may not see an influencer’s post, as it can get lost among the thousands of other posts.


Suspicious accounts are Instagram bots and people who use specific services for likes, comments, and follower purchases.


HypeAuditor followers growth


Look at the graph of the follower’s growth, if you see sharp spikes after there is an outflow of subscribers, this activity is most likely from the purchase of followers or participation in a giveaway. In other words, you should be extremely careful about these types of influencers.


As a rule, after any giveaway, there is a significant churn of subscribers (around 20% of subscribers who came during the giveaway).


HypeAuditor influencer performance


Make sure that the influencer has regular posts. If the influencer has not posted for more than 30 days, this can reduce the reach and Engagement Rate of his or her new posts. The HypeAuditor engagement rate tracker will be a great tool to use in these cases. 


Make sure the influencer doesn’t advertise excessively. If the influencer has more than 50% of advertising content in his/ her feed, it is better to avoid these types of influencers.


EXAMPLE: After a data-driven check of influencers with the help of HypeAuditor analytics we have excluded 7 more accounts from our Fitness Brand List.

We have excluded accounts with a large number of suspicious followers in audience type and accounts with sudden spikes in follower growth.


Now, we have a final list of 21 accounts and are ready to go to the next stage – Influencer communication. In this stage, we will directly contact influencers and discuss the terms of cooperation.


HypeAuditor Influencer Analytics report


You can find the influencer’s contact information in the HypeAuditor’s Influencer Analytics report.



Streamline your influencer marketing with HypeAuditor 


HypeAuditor is a must-have tool for influencer marketing. HypeAuditor can do everything above and more with the HypeAuditor free report, HypeAuditor engagement rate, and HypeAuditor free trial making your life a lot easier.


Without the tools, it’s difficult to talk about proper influencer marketing. With the guidance of HypeAuditor, clients have the ability to come across influencers with the audiences they need within a 19M database. 


It saves time and gives a large scale of influencers to choose from.


Searches are made based on 35+ filters such as keywords and categories, audience quality, demographics, similar accounts, and brands mentioned.


To select the best influencers from the search results, clients direct themselves to the HypeAuditor analytical reports. Using multiple insights provided by the HypeAuditor analytical reports, clients are able to pick the most relevant creators to help them reach out to the right audience with the right message. HypeAuditor truly simplifies the process of Influencer discovery and selection.


In conclusion HypeAuditor, saves time and money, assists in avoiding influencer fraud, increases ROI, and makes influencer campaigns more predictable. 


Want to give it a try?


I want to save time and money with HypeAuditor



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